Arctic Shipping Best Practice Information Forum

Facilitating an exchange of information and best practices on shipping topics like hydrography, search and rescue logistics, industry guidelines and ship equipment, systems and structure.


The forum is a response to the International Code for Ships Operating in Polar Waters, the Polar Code, by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).


  1. The project will convene at least two annual Forum meetings (virtual or in-person as appropriate) of Participants and continue the development and expansion of the Forum’s web portal. The web portal includes hundreds of links to information related to the effective implementation of a compliance with IMO’s Polar Code. It also serves as a resource hub of information, guidance, and guidelines that aid decision makers involved in Arctic marine navigation and those affected by maritime operations related to the Polar Code.
  2. The project will also explore the possibility of modest refinements to the Forum’s 2017 Terms of Reference (ToR).

Navigating the future of Arctic shipping

What an increase in Arctic shipping means for the region
10 May 2021

Arctic Shipping Best Practice Information Forum Sees Record Attendance with Major Increase in Usage of its Web Portal

The Arctic Council’s Working Group on the Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment established the Arctic Shipping Best Practice Information Forum to raise awareness o...
25 Nov 2020
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