Ecosystem Status, Human Impact and Management Measures in the Central Arctic Ocean

Synthesizing relevant information on the status, trends and projected changes in the Central Arctic Ocean, human activities and pressures in the area, and the current management measures in place in order to inform future policy and decision making.

Main activities

  1. Synthesis report drawing on published information and reports by the PAME/ICES/PICES Working Group on the Central Arctic Ocean (WGICA), other Arctic Council working groups and other information sources, such as the Central Arctic Ocean (CAO) Fisheries Agreement Provisional Scientific Coordinating Group.
  2. Contribute to the WGICA report Human Activities, Pressures, and the Impact on the Ecosystems of the Central Arctic Ocean – Measures and Knowledge Gaps to be completed within the same timeline.

Project details

Lead Working Groups
Lead Arctic States & Permanent Participants
The United States
Start - End
2021 - 2025

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