Inventory of uses of POPs and Mercury and their Emission Sources in Murmansk Region


The Murmansk region has a wide range of activities that potentially use and/or release POPs and mercury, but the extent of their spreading and impact is not known. The project collects the available information on uses and releases of POPs and fills in identified information gaps through sampling and analysis. The project seeks to collect the existing information on uses and releases and identify gaps that could be filled-in through analyses. The outcome of the inventory will support Russian implementation of the Stockholm Convention and Minamata Convention as the project has been initiated in cooperation with the Stockholm Convention Regional Centre in the Russian Federation (Novosibirsk). The result will also be used to identify efficient means to reduce releases of these pollutants.



  • Engagement with relevant authorities at all stages
  • Collecting existing information on uses and emissions
  • Training of a Russian team of experts on the inventory
  • Sampling and analysis of selected priority POPs and mercury
  • Inventory of the identified uses and emission sources
  • Report on uses and emissions of POPs and mercury in Murmansk
  • Development of demonstration projects
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The Russian Federation
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