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One Arctic, One Health

A theoretical concept and practical approach for developing and sustaining broad interdisciplinary collaboration – to identify, prevent, and mitigate health risks in humans, animals and the environment.

Main activities

This project builds a collaborative network of Arctic One Health (human- animal-environmental health nexus) stakeholders via:

  1. knowledge sharing;
  2. tabletop exercises; and,
  3. collaborative investigations of One Health phenomena such as disease outbreaks and natural disasters.

Project leads also organize, host, and participate in conferences and webinars examining and discussing One Health phenomena; and,

Since 2015, the project leads have convened approximately 2-3 times per year, leveraging various events in the Arctic region to minimize travel and time costs to participants.

The One Arctic, One Health Project

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, communities and leaders around the world and across the Arctic are increasing attention to health issues and challenges. Rapid socia...
12 Jun 2020

Biodiversity and human health: What’s a holistic approach to good health?

Good health is not the mere absence of diseases. It is the result of a complex interplay between factors influencing our daily lives and the surrounding environment. Howe...
02 Jun 2020

For the Arctic, from home: Arctic cooperation amidst the Coronavirus pandemic

Editorial by Einar Gunnarsson, Chair of the Senior Arctic Officials
26 Mar 2020
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Project details

Lead Working Groups
Lead Arctic States & Permanent Participants
The Kingdom of Denmark
The United States
Start - End
2020 - 2024

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