Региональный план действий по морскому мусору

Reducing the negative impacts of marine litter, including microplastics, to the Arctic marine environment.


The Regional Action Plan (ML-RAP) addresses both sea and land-based activities, focusing on Arctic-specific marine litter sources and pathways that will play an important role in demonstrating Arctic States’ stewardship efforts towards reducing the negative impacts of marine litter, including microplastics, to the Arctic marine environment.


Development of an Implementation Plan for the ML-RAP in close coordination and cooperation with other Arctic Council WGs and with overall guidance from the SAOs and Ministers. The plan will support coordination, collaboration, and reporting on marine litter-related activities across the Arctic Council WGs and Arctic States, including the integration of marine litter activities in multiple WG work plans. Co-leads will also engage with Indigenous and local communities and relevant stakeholders.

Development of outreach and communications material in support of the implementation of the ML-RAP including a Communication Plan
Main activities:
1. ML-RAP Communication Plan;
2. Plastic in a bottle;
3. Develop youth engagement toolkit in cooperation with CAFF International Arctic Youth Engagement Strategy;
4. Project video; and,
5. Marine Litter graphics site on the PAME website for outreach purposes.

A sneak peek on the Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter – An interview with co-lead author Elizabeth McLanahan

The Icelandic Chairmanship put a focus on marine litter in the Arctic. One of the most anticipated outcomes is the Regional Action Plan on Marine Litter in the Arctic, wh...
30 Mar 2021

A toolbox for comprehensive plastics monitoring in the Arctic

AMAP’s Expert Group on Litter and Microplastics is developing the first monitoring plan that is looking for plastics in the entire ecosystem
20 Nov 2020

Action on plastic: On track with the regional action plan for the Arctic

In October 2019, the Belfer Center’s Arctic Initiative and the Wilson Center’s Polar Institute co-hosted a workshop on Policy and Action on Plastic in the Arctic Ocean wi...
22 Apr 2020
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